but even so, to seek beauty is human. to be played and toyed around is human. and to break and destroy is also human.
hi i'm jessica! (20/mn)

i'm currently studying enviromental sciences at the u of mn. i enjoy the boondock saints, the walking dead, dangan ronpa, homestuck, oitnb, nature, south park, SNK, Free!, norman reedus, anime, cute animals, and a bunch of other stuff.

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talk to me! i'm nice i promise.
I track 'idontcareifyoucare'!


hey sorry im late i didnt want to come


I make a lot of embarrassing noises when startled but this tops them all
:\ and that includes the time someone thought there was a bird in the building ugh ugh


on the internet:


in real life:



i need kisses and attention and alcohol


no one can convince me that this isn’t Cronus’ and Mituna’ s relationship.

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much of anything lately. My computers hard drive broke 3 weeks ago and unfortunately I’m too broke to get a new one!

So I’m still alive and such and still love all of you.